Certified Music Practitioners, who are Therapeutic Musicians, provide one-on-one palliative care to people who are recuperating, ill or dying in hospitals, hospices, homes, and other clinical settings. By focusing on a single patient at a time, the Certified Music Practitioner can provide live therapeutic music, which meets the patient’s needs in the moment, creating a nurturing environment that facilitates healing.


We’re not curing, 

we’re promoting healing.


We’re not performing, 

we’re serving.


We’re not therapists, 

we’re musicians.


We don’t address illness, 

we address the person.


We don't have expectations,

we meet the person in the moment.


This is our training.

This is what we do.


Research has shown that live music can:
• Reduce blood pressure
• Stabilize heart rate
• Affect respiration
• Decrease muscular tension
• Improve body movement and coordination
• Reduce the need for anesthesia and pain relievers
• Increase endorphin levels
• Relieve anxiety and stress
• Boost the immune system
• Slow down and equalize brain waves
• Accelerate surgical recovery and physical healing
• Elicit emotional catharsis
• Induce mental imaging
• Foster a sense of safety and well being
• Sharpen mental focus
• Provide distraction
• Provide companionship