Certified Music Practitioners, who are Therapeutic Musicians, receive their training from the Music for Healing and Transition Program, an in-person training program certified by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicianshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Viq8mnvrthY


Certified Music Practitioners complete 80 hours of in-person classroom instruction; read and review ten books and pass a final exam. In addition, CMPs do a 45-hour Independent Practicum at hospitals, nursing homes and/or hospices. My Independent Practicums involved seeing almost 300 patients in the ICU, the Senior Adult Behavior Unit, the Special Care Nursery, the Maternal & Child Health Unit, and on the Cardiac and General Medical floors of Concord Hospital, NH; Holy Family Hospital, MA; and Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley (Merrimack Valley Hospital), MA. I saw Residents at Villa Crest Retirement and Nursing Center, NH where I serve the general population along with those suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, other memory issues, and the effects of aging. With Home Health & Hospice Care, NH, I saw Hospice Residents at their Community Hospice House and the Hillsborough County (NH) Nursing Home.


Since being certified, I have worked for numerous nursing homes and as the Resident Therapeutic Musician at Lowell General Hospital and Lawrence General Hospital.


For Current Employment and References:  www.linkedin.com/in/diane-mcgary-6b240029

 What they're saying about my Live Therapeutic Music:

“Thank you for doing that. It’s awesome." - RN, Lawrence General Hospital.


 "She sings beautifully! And the therapeutic effect on our patients is amazing. It was really great to see their reaction. One guy said he wasn't sure if he wanted a song, but decided that he had nothing better to do. So he told her to go ahead and sing for him. Afterwards, he was all smiles and very pleasantly surprised. He said it was the best thing that happened to him all day!" - RN, Lawrence General Hospital


"I could listen to her all day!" - RN, Lawrence General Hospital


“I enjoy your singing. It transcends me to a different place.” – Staff, Lawrence General Hospital


“Your singing is sweet.” - RN, Lawrence General Hospital


"A sense of peacefulness settled on the whole area where Diane was singing. Her beautiful work was obviously affecting both patients and staff in a very positive way!" - Interfaith Chaplain, Lawrence General Hospital


“Patients really love Diane’s singing. It calms them, some even request songs. It is helpful because while she sings for them, keeping them calm, they are safe as well, allowing the staff to get other things done on the floor.” – CNA, Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley


“Diane has a beautiful voice. It was calming for the patients. It has been a wonderful experience, especially for the confused. It has a calming effect on us [staff] as well.” - Clinical Leader, Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley


“Looked forward to it every week. Would love to see it daily. Very helpful, calming, relaxing.” – Staff RN, Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley


“I love hearing her in the hospital; her singing is uplifting and helpful. [The patients] are more relaxed and comforted. The overall atmosphere changes when her voice floats through the halls, leaving a feeling of relaxation. Please continue to return.” – Staff, Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley


“Diane was welcoming and it was a pleasure having her. It was very helpful having her on my floor. I was happier when she was here.” – Staff, Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley


“Diane was very pleasant with a lovely voice. Patients enjoyed her soothing singing and they were calmed. I felt more calm and upbeat when I heard her.” – Social Worker, Holy Family Hospital at Merrimack Valley


“I love it when you’re here!” – Staff, Hillsborough Co. (NH) Nursing Home


“It was very nice, very soothing to have Diane on my floor. The patients seemed calmer and it is calming for us.” RN, Holy Family Hospital


“Having Diane and her singing here was very useful, energizing the patients. It made them more agreeable. It was very helpful, especially for the hospice patients.” – CNA, Holy Family Hospital


 “Diane has a lovely voice and fluency for this work. She is going to be an asset in her community, helping launch this work.” - A.K., MA, CMP


“Lovely work, lovely voice.” – C. L., RN, BSN, CMP